Investing in Students' Futures

Scholarships are awarded through a competitive process which enables eligible students to apply online. There are scholarship funds available for students in all Centre County school districts, students from certain school districts outside of Centre County, current college students, and returning adult students. Each scholarship fund has eligibility requirements which reflect the passions or interests of the donor who created the scholarship endowment fund.

Our Scholarship Process

Centre Foundation coordinates with the local school districts and post-secondary schools to promote and manage the scholarship process. Students apply through the Centre Foundation scholarship portal, Scholarship Lifecycle Manager (SLM), an online application system. Applications are processed by Centre Foundation and are reviewed and awarded by scholarship committees. Committees are assigned as specified in the fund agreement and in coordination with each school district’s or post-secondary school’s counseling departments.

The scholarship process begins in January when several scholarships begin accepting applications. Most of the scholarships available for high school students begin accepting applications in early spring, depending on the schedule of each school district. Awarding of those scholarships happens at the high school awards ceremony at the end of the school year. Actual opening and closing dates for each school district vary, so students should check with their school’s counseling office for specific dates. Scholarships for returning students or current college students may open at different times so check with your post-secondary school for more information.

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